Smart Strategy rooted in feminine energy.

Whether you're a coach, a creative small business owner, an online entrepreneur (or all of those things!)...


You're here because you feel STUCK IN THE SAME CYCLE

✦ You have big, bold dreams, but no purposeful plan in place to reach them...

✦ So you try bits and pieces of what others say you 'should' be doing, constantly throwing spaghetti at the wall.

✦ You've ended up with a mish mash of offers and a stale business model  that isn't aligned with your energy and personality. 

✦ Your business doesn't feel like YOU and the new clients can sense that. Sales are sporadic and marketing doesn't flow naturally.

✦ The work and time you're investing doesn't line up with the money you're making, but you don't know how to reach that next revenue level.

✦ And months later, you're stuck back at square one. Time is passing, your business isn't moving forward. The sense of overwhelm is creeping into other areas of your life too.

✦ So the doubt and fear creeps in...'How much longer can I keep doing this?"...'It shouldn't feel this hard...'

Yes! Help me get UNSTUCK!

Hi, I'm Suzanne,
and I have great news for you.

I've coached dozens of women out of this exact cycle and into a brand new place of energy and growth.

You and I both know that you're capable of so much more than where you are now.


But you need to...

  • Get a plan. Not just today's to-do list, but a vivid, detailed, all-round life goal. And a practical, step-by-step breakdown of exactly how you'll supercharge your business to enable your dream life.

  • Identify smart income streams that work in harmony with your unique energy and strengths. And how to fit them together to create a personalized strategy that constantly moves forward.
  • Understand how to harness feminine rituals and practices like meditation, journaling, and cycle tracking, and translate them into concrete business results.

  • Channel this new connection, clarity, and confidence into your own unique brand identity, to organically attract a steady stream of dream clients.

  • Learn how to constantly adapt so you can find ease, flexibility, and space for magic in your schedule and strategy. Construct your own definitions of freedom that stands the test of time. 

If THIS is what you want your future to look like...

My 6 month group program that fuses feminine energy with smart & simple business strategy to propel  you to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF SELF-DEFINED SUCCESS

  • Create a business that makes your dream life a reality.
  • A unique and powerful combination of practical learning tools, personalized coaching, and sisterly support from a group of women who are going through the same transformation in their business and their lives.


Are you ready to join us on this journey?


✦ How does it work? ✦

  • A 6 month programme spread over 7 months.

  • Very limited numbers in order to guarantee personalized attention, and an intimate environment for support and accountability.

  • One foundational theme each month, covering all key success drivers, from Strategic Alignment and Money Mindset, to Client Attraction and Soulful Selling.

  • Two 1:1 calls with Suzanne, one in each 'half' of the course, so that each group member gets individual coaching time.

  • Three group calls each month on different aspects of the theme - two with a business focus and one with a personal focus. Time for hot seat coaching and personal feedback as well as group reviews, reflections, and...celebrations! (audio & video replays available)

  • Private Facebook group for connection, questions and brainstorming with your new business besties.

  • Workbooks, templates & resource library for all program materials.

  • Personal Human Design reading to delve into your unique code and provide a springboard for further personal insight into your energy and make-up. 

What members are saying...

✦ Meet your coach ✦

Alignment means everything to me. Let me tell you why.

I’ve reset my own path countless times, by asking myself the simple question: ‘does this align with ME? With my purpose, my dreams, my goals?’

…From 11 years of high flying corporate life as an advertising executive, working my way up to managing director…

…To owner of my own kids retail concept store in Melbourne. Wearing all the hats and founding a loved, respected and award-winning brand…

…Tapping into my creative passions and building a secure future for my family through our property renovations…

…Following my instincts and putting in the work to become a qualified Business & Life coach…

…And eventually making the move to the South of France that had been our family vision for 16 years, embodying my own definition of freedom (because everyone’s is different!).

So you see, the road wasn’t straight.


But at each turn I had my compass and a clear road map.

Along the way I handcrafted a treasure trove of tools to tune into my own energy, be more productive in fewer hours, and be truly present with my loved ones.

Now as a coach, I bring my 20+ years of business, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, and my philosophy of living first, to help other women look at work and life through a whole new feminine lens.

And this is where the Phoenix Rising concept sparked from – that we need to understand where and who we’ve been, in order to become the women we’re truly meant to be.

I’ve helped dozens of founders, small business owners and creative entrepreneurs get back to their own joys, passions and definitions of freedom. And watched them unlock true happiness and fulfilment in both their personal lives and careers.

I’d love you to be next.

✦ See what's inside ✦

What's inside Phoenix Rising?

One of my standout core values as a Business coach is using spirituality and feminine energetics to build and plan strategically.

In Phoenix Rising, we cover all the key foundations of a thriving business and an aligned life. No vague, abstract ideas here.

You’ll need to come eager to discover what actually makes you tick, and ready to take aligned action.


This program is for YOU if...

You’re yearning to find harmony between work, family, social life and time for yourself.

✦ From the outside, you’ve already achieved some major milestones, but you’re done with measuring yourself by other people’s standards. You want to embody your own definition of success.

✦ You’re tired of piecing together countless mismatched methods and ideas. It’s time to stop patching up the holes and rebuild from the foundations.  

✦ You believe great business goes beyond spreadsheets and tech systems. You want to delve deeper into feminine infused productivity, through soulful rituals, mindful practices and spiritual methods

✦ You want a personalized plan with implementable steps to reach objectives that are not based only on your bank balance, but also on how you want to feel about your life as a whole

✦ Deep down, you know you’re capable of massive success, and you started 2022 with the best intentions. But halfway through, you find yourself stuck in the same cycle…


Let’s change that today. 


 Client Results ✦

My clients have had unbelievable wins in their own unique sectors & niches:

Jessica Sandow 

Suzanne has been there every step of the way as I align my mission and voice to develop a strategy that led me to launch my first group program, design a membership program and soft launch a podcast. The most beneficial part of this partnership has been and continues to be how she helps me connect with my softness and my feminine energy.

Taren White

Suzanne's magic is coming alongside me and guiding me with her expertise, tools and strategies and best of all...her clarity. She is the Goddess of Clarity! I'm a creative and everything seems like a great idea. Having Suzanne's sharp focus on my end goal has saved me time and energy, which has been put in the right direction. This has created the greatest success in my business to date.

Smart strategy rooted in feminine energy.

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