As Ambitious Women, We Know How to DO.

Once we learn how to BE, we’re unstoppable.


Through my own journey, I've put together a bulletproof set of inner resources and practical tools, and rolled them into my unique Uplevel Growth Framework. My mission is to put this power into the hands of as many women as possible. 


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Does this 'stuck' cycle sound familiar?

  • You have big, bold dreams, but no purposeful plan in place to reach them.
  • You’re sick of the constant juggle and hustle, feeling like you’re putting in work but not moving forward.
  • You’re fitting your life around your work, and wish it could be the other way round. 

So doubt creeps in. 'How much longer can I keep doing this?"...'It shouldn't feel this hard...'

If you’re wondering how I got inside your head, it’s because I’ve been there. I mean, I’ve REALLY been there.

I'll tell you a little bit about my journey...

I wasn't being entirely truthful with myself...


When I was at management level in a multinational business, but not living out my purpose or feeling at all fulfilled.

When I founded an award-winning brick and mortar business, but had no time for what was truly important in my life.

When I started my coaching business for more freedom, but was still trying to fit into a box and play small

At every step of my journey, from the outside, my life looked incredibly successful—but I wasn't living in my truth. 

You’ve probably heard phrases like step into your truth or live authentically and thought, "what does that really mean?"

Well, here's what it means to me:

Financial Freedom

By developing multiple income streams including an investment portfolio, property development, and property rentals, I gained unshakeable confidence to take risks in my business...

Fearlessly chasing my big bold goals and showing up with boundless high vibes in everything I do.

Location Freedom

 I created my own unique business model, allowing me to make my dream move to France and take multiple bucket-list trips every year...

Pursuing my passions while discovering the world with my family.

Time Freedom

By simplifying my processes and optimizing my energy, I organize my week with ease and flow...

Luxuriously enjoying no-desk Wednesdays, long lazy evenings by the pool with my boys, and spontaneous mornings off to wander round the local market.

Are you ready to find out YOUR truth? Define your OWN freedom?

Yes, I'm Ready!
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On this journey, you’ll need a coach who brings you a unique combination of:

The Doing

When we work together, you’ll get access to my 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. From C-level at a multinational to building my own award winning small business, I don’t just talk the talk. I’ve literally walked the walk and am here to take the stumbling blocks out of your way. 

Crystal clarity - No vague figures or abstract concepts here. I’ll get laser focused on what’s not working and what is.

Smart strategy – my superpower! We’ll build a step by step plan to achieve your big bold goals. 

Tangible tools – checklists, prompts, planners. You’ll have access to everything you need to fast track your progress.

The Being

Even though I had skills, strategy and clear goals, my dream life didn’t become a reality until I leant into my feminine energy. Fusing this with my strong 'doing/masculine' traits helps us make magic together and honour who you are as a woman, wife, mother, friend. When we work together, you’ll access all my secrets for: 

Effortless ease  – productivity isn’t just about the plan. Learn to work with your cycle, the seasons, your unique flow. 

Spiritual curiosity – connecting with your purpose through energetic methodologies – from rituals to human design. 

Growth mindset – creating space for magic, attracting abundance, and what manifestation actually looks like when it’s done right

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8 fun facts you may not know

  • Global roots: I was born in Montpellier France to a Dutch Dad & Canadian Mum… grew up in Canada, moved to Australia, married a British guy and we’re now raising our kids in France. So you can see where my passion for travel comes from! 
  • Hobbies: gardening, mountain hiking and… eating 🤣
  • Hidden talent: baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (ask me for the recipe!)
  • Top of my travel bucket list: road trip around Japan, climb Kilimanjaro, retreat to an Ashram in India
  • Craziest thing I’ve ever done: moved in with a guy I’d known for three days, in a foreign country (he’s now my husband, so it worked out pretty well!)
  • Best childhood memory: family car rides to the east coast of Canada for the summers
  • My go-to morning drink: Oatly latte with double coffee shot (okay, sometimes it’s triple #momlife) 
  • Odd fact: I’ve moved city and country multiple times in my life, but I’ve only ever moved west. I completed the full circle of the globe in 2017 when we moved back to France!

I’d love to know where’s on your travel bucket list (or perhaps you’ve already done Kilimanjaro and can give me some notes!) I’m often hanging out in the Insta DMs and love to chat about all things freedom.