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Because you don’t have to choose. Let me show you the secrets of creating abundance in all areas of your life and business – wealth, ease, creativity, time, impact.

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If you've found your way to my corner of the internet, I know a couple of things about you...


You're ambitious, clever and capable. And you've already achieved so much - things that the younger you would never have dreamed of! 

So why doesn't it feel like you imagined?


  • Your business is established and looks good from the outside...but your day to day is full of juggle and struggle. Nothing feels easy.

  • You're either stuck in the stress of constant marketing, feeling that you have to 'prove' yourself...OR your schedule is bursting at the seams, but with work that sucks your energy and and income that doesn't align with your worth.

  • The toxic mix of overwhelm and self-critiism sends you into a low vibe you have no energy to show up as your true self and build your brand.

  • Your natural drive and abilities make you frustrated with the slow progress...but deep down progress also scares you. 'If I'm overloaded now, how will I manage a bigger business?'

What if I told you that you can:

  • Grow your wealth faster and reach your BIG goals...all while working less and living life more.
  • Get an easy-to-follow, long-term strategy that simplifies processes, boosts your energy & maximises how you use your time.
  • Tap into your unique feminine energy to create your own definition of freedom, and embody it in every way.


Because I've done the journey:

  • From making a great salary in corporate management, but still living from cheque to cheque...
  • To building my own award-winning bricks & mortar business, but having no time for what was really important for me...
  • To discovering a feminine way to do business, and embodying my own definition of success

To me success means:

  • Magnetically attracting clients that appreciate my value, and have me excited to jump onto Zoom, oatmilk latte in hand

  • Enjoying no desk Wednesdays, spontaneous strolls through the village market on a Friday morning, lazy evenings by the pool with my boys

  • Having the unshakeable confidence to make bold plans and take risks in my business, thanks to the financial freedom of multiple income streams from business, property and investments.

So what does success look like for YOU?

Together we’ll map it out, make an step-by-step plan, and take real action to get you there, faster.

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How Does 1:1 Coaching Work?

The unique advantage of 1:1 coaching is that we completely personalise the process. We spend most time on the areas you need and create a specific, simple and smart strategy for your business.


I coach you every step of the way through my proprietary Life-First Growth Method, which covers all key success divers, including:

We balance both the practical and the energetic side of self-defined success.

 I'll teach you:

How to DO

Find out what you actually want & set BIG goals

Make step-by-step plans to achieve them

Achieve more, in less hours

How to BE

Harness feminine rituals

Work with your cycle and the seasons

Lean into your own unique energy

How we get there:

  • 6-12 months of VIP support
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Full access to the Phoenix Rising Mastermind¬†
  • Unlimited Voxer coaching in between calls
  • Access to my full library of resources, tools,¬†and templates that support the¬†Life First Growth Model cirriculum
  • Access to all of my masterclasses and self-paced courses (valued at over $2,500¬†USD)

Investment starts at $1,500 USD per month.

Custom Executive mentorship is also available for the Leader who is ready to create the most extraordinary life and business using the Life-first Growth Model. Cost on request.

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 Not Ready for 1:1?

Other ways we can make magic together:

Vision & Planning Workshop

Create the belief & energy AND the plan for your business

This workshop is perfect to take any time of the year to create a plan AND have 100% belief in it! 


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Phoenix Rising Accelerator

A Mastermind where visionary women SOAR & use their wisdom to become wealthy!

The Phoenix Rising Accelerator is a 12-week container that is going to help you get more momentum in your business and faster!

It is super high touch with 1:1 calls, on-the-go learning with 
integration and accountability that will support, guide & challenge you to completely new heights. 

 Get ready to GROW! 

Starts April 8th, spaces limited!

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Unblock and unlock your next level abundance

Are you ready to step into your next level, own your truth and call in more time & money abundance?

Let's unlock your upper limits and energetic blocks so you can call in all that you truly desire! 

How Does it Work?

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