Strategy Sessions with Suzanne


There have been so many times in my business when I just wanted to jump on a call with an experienced coach and get clarity, unstuck, inspired or re-motivated!

Well these Strategy Sessions are going to help you do exactly that. 

Does this sound like you?
  • You're feeling overwhelmed and have been trying ALL the things. You're feeling really stuck knowing what to do next and you want someone to map it out with and give you the confidence & clarity to move forward. 

  • You're just starting out and have all the ideas but aren't sure what to do next. Having someone to break it down, outline your next steps and actually get moving is going to be game-changing for you.

  • There's something specific you need help with. A sales funnel, lead magnets, content, automation or systems, hiring a team. We get laser focused to get you moving again. 



When I first reached out to a Life Coach in 2012, I cried on the call just making the appointment! I was a senior exec, felt lost and tired and felt for the first time in a LONG time, a big sigh of relief. I was going to have someone listen to me, help me make some decisions and make a plan on what to do next. 

This was the most empowering, life-changing decision I've ever made because it changed the trajectory of my life (seriously!).

Now, this is the first time I am making my own Life Coaching sessions available and I'm having all the feels! 

So if you feel stuck, want help getting back to who you are OR where you're going, you need clarity on what do DO next or how you want to BE again...this is for you. 


60 minute 1:1 session: $550 USD
Special launch offer: $350 USD

Package of 3 sessions: $1250 USD

Click here to find out more about my Private Coaching for entrepreneurs & executive leaders, starting at $1,500/mo. 

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What other's have to say:

Suzanne's magic is coming alongside me and guiding me with her expertise, tools and strategies and best of all...her clarity. She is the Goddess of Clarity! I'm a creative and everything seems like a great idea. Having Suzanne's sharp focus on my end goal has saved me time and energy, which has been put in the right direction. This has created the greatest success in my business to date.

Taren White