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THE best way to start the year!

So many women I meet have have big beautiful visions but don't always have the BELIEF that they can make it come true nor the PLAN to get there. This workshop PLUS free 30 page fillable planning template, The Almanac (RRP $37), will help you do both!




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1:1 Coaching

Get on the fast track to life-changing, self-defined success.

You don’t have to choose between money and freedom. Together we’ll create abundance in all areas of your life and business. More wealth, more ease, more space for magic.  

My 20 years of business experience and strategic superpowers, in your pocket for 6 months of VIP 1:1 coaching.

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Energy Code

Unblock & Unlock your next level abundance

Are you ready to step into your next level, own your truth and call in more time & money abundance?

Let's unlock your upper limits and energetic blocks so you can call in all that you truly desire! 

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Phoenix Rising

For the business woman who's ready to soar!

You're ready to unlock all of your next levels both energetically & strategically. Except you also know you can't do it alone and it's SO much more fun to do in sisterhood. Join me and your new soul sisters in this reimagined Mastermind where your strategy will meet your new energetic capacity, ALL without the hustle. 

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Hi! I'm Suzanne.

And I'm more than a business coach.

I’m a mother, and a wife. I’m a multiple property owner, and an investor. I climbed the corporate ladder to C level, built an award-winning bricks and mortar business, then moved across the world and renovated our dream French farmhouse.

And 15 years ago I was living cheque to cheque. 

My point is, I’ve done the journey. Scrambled, stumbled and somersaulted over the obstacles. And I’m here to let you in on the secret:

You can’t DO – set big bold goals, make action plans, achieve more in less time – without learning to BE. Harnessing feminine rituals, working with your cycle and the seasons, leaning into your own unique energy. 

So I’m not the 7-figures-but-no-soul business coach. OR the airy fairy life coach, all woo and no substance.

The key to self-defined success is both sides of the coin: smart strategy rooted in feminine energy. 


I’d love to guide you there.


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7 Secrets to Signing More Clients (The perfect fit kind!)

Maybe attracting clients is a constant struggle. 

OR maybe you have more than enough clients, but they’re not the right fit in terms of vibe… or budget.  

I’ve got you! In this free download, I’m sharing the secrets that fill my DMs with requests, and my diary with clients who have me dancing to my desk, oatmilk latte in hand!

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"Suzanne has been incredible to work with! I hired her feeling lost and unsure. After a few months together, I am completely booked out in my 1:1 program and have a waitlist! I also consistently hit 10K months."

Sophie Jones

"Suzanne's magic is in guiding me with her expertise, tools & strategies - and best of all...her clarity. She is the Goddess of Clarity! I'm a creative, and everything seems like a great idea. Having Suzanne's sharp focus on my end goal has saved me time & energy, the greatest success in my business to date."

Taren White

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More time & money, without the stress!

It's time to heal your relationship to how you work and understand why you behave the way you do! Overworking, procrastinating, people pleasing are all holding you back from what you're truly capable of. 

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A Feminine Approach to Business

On Zero Wasted Days, Kate Northrup and I go deep in talking all things to do with doing more in less time, regulating our nervous systems and calling in more abundance! 

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