5 ways to intentionally define how you do business

Sep 24, 2023

In this blog post, we'll delve into the key insights shared in our latest Zero Wasted Days podcast episode, offering you ways to intentionally define how you do business and why doing so i's a game-changer for your success.


Suzanne begins by emphasizing the importance of embodiment. What does this mean? It's about aligning your business goals, strategies, and everyday actions with your core values and beliefs. When your business reflects your authentic self, it becomes not just a source of income but a vehicle for personal fulfillment and purpose. This alignment can set the stage for long-lasting success.

The Dance Between Hustle and Flow

In our fast-paced world, the hustle is often celebrated, but its important to remember that hustling isn’t always sustainable adn there needs to be the dance between hustle and flow. Balancing these two states is crucial for sustainable success. Hustle may drive progress, but it's in the flow that creativity, innovation, and meaningful connections thrive. Recognizing when to hustle and when to flow can make all the difference.

Recognizing the Seasons of Business

Just like nature, businesses go through different seasons. Its important to acknowledge and respect these cycles. Each season presents unique challenges and opportunities. By understanding the season your business is in, you can make informed decisions, adapt to change, and position yourself for growth.

Planting and Scattering Seeds Strategically

Imagine your business as a garden. To reap a bountiful harvest, you must plant and scatter seeds strategically. Intentional planning and nurturing your ideas, relationships, and strategies can yield remarkable results that you aren’t even aware of. It's about sowing the right seeds at the right time and consistently nurturing them to fruition.

Growth Through Challenging and Dark Times

Perhaps one of the most inspiring takeaways from the episode is the idea that growth emerges from challenging and dark times. These moments of trial and tribulation can be catalysts for innovation, resilience, and profound personal and professional growth, So if you are in a challenging season, remember that everything is happening for you, not to you.

In conclusion, intentional business practices are not just a buzzword; they are a fundamental mindset shift that can redefine your path to success. By embodying your business, balancing hustle and flow, recognizing the seasons of business, planting and scattering seeds strategically, and embracing challenges, you can unlock your full potential.

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