Your vision and why you can't ignore it

dreams mission purpose vision Aug 02, 2023

August 1st 2015 was very different to today. I'd just had my third boy, Charlie, he was 4 weeks old. I was coming out of the newborn fog and we were getting to know each other since he'd joined me earth-side at the end of June.

Charlie had and always has had a calming but wise-man spirit - one that my own spirit needed and craved and that he had to teach. It was at this point, in the mid of winter in Australia, that I started thinking and playing with the thoughts of making some changes to our life and 'getting off the treadmill' so to speak.

The vision we had was of a different way of living. Of travel. Adventure. Reconnection. Language. Europe called to us. It all came flooding in while I was in this contemplative state of newborn bliss and middle of the night sleeplessness...

What followed over the next 2 years needed a lot of courage and vulnerability, and the tumultuous unravelling of a life & business required that we have one major part firmly grounded.

That was our vision.

The vision we had for our reimagined life had to be firm. Aligned in our souls. Grounded. Yet it also had to be cast out ahead of us, like a fly-fishing line. Flowing and beautifully flexible but with a single focus in mind.

The vision is the spark in a dream that stays lit no matter the wind, the conditions or what twists the road brings. This spark weaves its way through your body, from your mind, through your nervous system, down into your gut. When it flickers in your mind, you get butterflies. No matter what's going on along the journey, it always stays lit.

And once in a while, just like a volcano that's been dormant, that spark lights again. Sometimes it flickers while other times it rears. When it sets alight again, your mind grabs hold of it and tries to help you bring it forward, tries to give it more oxygen to give it fuel.

And when it does, that spark turns into a fire and down your nervous system it travels into your gut - where it lands and stays, fluttering, prodding, telling you something needs to be done. Something needs to give. Something needs to rise up to meet what's burning inside you.

So what is that niggling spark in your dream that won't go out?

A mission in your business to go make more impact or influence?
A mission to reconnect to your life and use your business as the means to find more freedom?
A mission to reconnect to your self, to rise up to reconnect to the woman you've always been but has been a little lost?
A mission to grow your net worth and make income that changes your life forever?

Whatever the dream, if it is in you, it is for you.

And if it is for you, then that spark is never going to go out, no matter how much you try to ignore it and just get on with life.

The woman that gets quiet, gives herself space to hear the whispers, who doesn't push the thoughts, the gut feeling, the fire that's raging inside down, will be the woman who will rise up and expand beyond her wildest dreams. She will be the one who will step up and into her truth, her gifts, her power and her own leadership.

So maybe today's the day to ask yourself where your fire has gone and whether it's ready to be fuelled and rise up again?

Sharing your own spark is a powerful way to fuel the fire and bring to light what you might be pushing down or not giving enough light.

As soon as you share your dream, it ignites that spark or fuels the fire....

So? What is your dream that lies within?

This is your safe & sacred space to share. ✨


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