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A Mastermind where visionary, big dreaming women SOAR without sacrifice & learn how to use their wisdom to become wealthy!

  • Redefine how you do business so that your business is your means to living life-first.
  • A unique and powerful combination of¬†personalized coaching and sisterly support from a group of women who are going through the same transformation in their business and their lives.


Are you on the precipice of something new & expansive and ready to join us?


Get ready to step into your next level, be held & heard. 

You are a leader, visionary, dreamer, movement maker who is ready to 'do' business & life differently...


because building a business while sacrificing yourself & your life is a thing of the past...

✦ You often feel alone as an entrepreneur and crave more support from a coach & other soulsister entrepreneurs. 

✦ You're frustrated by your cycles of 'over-doing' and are ready to unlock how to scale AND enjoy your life.

✦ You want to increase your revenue & create real wealth so you feel more at ease going into each month. 

‚ú¶ You want to stop 'slinging mud' and feel super confident about your plans for your business and have the systems & strategy to match.

✦ You want to stop doubting yourself and feel true belief in your vision & mission that frees you up to show up FULLY in your truth.

Yes, this sounds just like me!

Hi, I'm Suzanne,
and I cannot wait to meet you personally! 

I am bursting at the seams with what I have to share with the newly envisioned Phoenix Rising.

This Mastermind is a culmination of years of coaching and incredible results teaching the Life-First Method that it was time to bring it to life in a completely new way. 

Phoenix Rising is a Mastermind like you've never seen...and I can't wait to guide you to what I know is truly possible for you.  


Now it's THE time to...

‚ú¶ Be in total control of your time & actually have the freedom promised by entrepreneurship.

✦ Create a business & life where EASE is the norm and struggle & stress is a thing of the past. 

✦ Step into your new level with an approach to making money & creating wealth that you no longer need to stress about money.  

If you're craving stepping into your next era by... 

  • Being held¬†within a group of women where you can learn, share, connect & bounce ideas off of, because we know how powerful staying in your lane & keeping momentum can be!¬†

  • Being coached¬†by someone who has 20 years of business experience and can show you what it is like to embody & lives her dream life every day.¬†

  • Being challenged¬†to live your best life TODAY, with a proven methodology that helps you learn how to prioritise¬†yourself¬†and your¬†life¬†first so that everything thrives, including your business.¬†¬†


is going to help you SOAR! 

The only business model that prioritizes YOU and your LIFE to generate results.

Listen to Suzanne & her description of the Life-First Growth Model and how it can propel you to completely new levels of self-defined success. 


Nicola Bullock - Client Testimonial

Working with Suzanne has profoundly changed the way I look at business and life. She is an embodied leader who is willing to walk her talk while she elevates you to do the same. Deciding to invest in myself through working with Suzanne felt like a huge decision, especially because I had not yet build out my business framework but I know that because of her consistent impact, my business is miles ahead. 

Why Phoenix Rising?

What's inside Phoenix Rising?

One of my standout core values as a Business coach is merging smart strategy & mindset mastery to help you rise & SOAR as a women entrepreneur. 

Phoenix Rising is the only place where you will learn our proprietary way to scale a business by leading in a Life-First way. 

While we work on strategic levers to propel you forward, we also focus heavily on moving you energetically so you truly BELIEVE in what you're creating. 

This program is for you if...

You feel like you're on the precipice of something big and expansive and you want to feel more supported in getting there.

✦ From the outside, you’ve already achieved some major milestones, but you’re done with growth at the sacrifice of yourself. It's time for sustainable growth in your business but also time to savour the most amazing life you're creating. 

✦ You’re tired of piecing together countless mismatched methods and ideas. It’s time to create a strategy that takes you to the next level with confidence & conviction. 

✦ You believe great business goes beyond spreadsheets and tech systems. You want to delve deeper into healing and unblocking what might be stopping you & to light the energetic fire & increased capacity within you. 

✦ You want a personalized plan with implementable steps to reach objectives that grow your net worth, but also light you up about how you feel about your life as a whole

✦ Deep down, you know you’re capable of massive success, and you are ready to rise up to meet the woman you've always been, ready to soar in a beautiful supportive, connected collective of women. 

Let’s light  that fire today. 

I'm SO ready!

Clients rave


Darien Allan - Client Testimonial

Working with Suzanne has changed my life and my business! I am so proud of the changes and growth in my business and I couldn't have done it without her. I am also very excited to continue working with her because I just know that my dreams and goals will be achieved. I have someone who has no doubt that they will!!

The power of a Mastermind

You need to step into your Strategic Prowess
Stepping into your truth & expansion as a female entrepreneur requires a smart strategy that is going to both serve you, help you thrive and support the life you desire. 

Supporting you to have a business model, revenue streams, programs & offers that fuel you is core to the sustainability of your strategy. 

Expansion requires Energetic Calibration & Embodiment
So many of us have layers upon layers of conditioning & trauma that are knit together to make us who we are today.  Expanding to new levels requires investigating what's blocking you energetically and then healing it. 

Learning how to embody & be in the energy of your biggest desires is one of the most powerful ways to make your big dreams and goals a reality! 

Sit at the table with the right people 
The power of a mastermind lies within the collective of women who congregate in the same room, ready to give and receive light, love & guidance that will become a part of their soul forever. 

Sit at the table in the right rooms
When you sit at the table in sisterhood with other amazing women doing expansive things in their lives & businesses, you will feel the power of rising with the collective and will be repeatedly be shown what's possible! 

NEW! The Phoenix Rising Accelerator

Ready to get real momentum and
fast-track your growth?


The Phoenix Rising Accelerator is a 3-month container that is going to help you get more momentum in your business and faster! It combines on-the-go learning with integration and accountability that will support, guide & challenge you to completely new heights. 

Get ready to GROW! 

What's included inside the Accelerator:

  • Powerful monthly 1:1 calls with Suzanne (1 per month),¬†to create a Custom Expansion Plan (strategies¬†& mindset tools unique to you & your business)
  • Group Voice channel¬†for coaching, connection, questions, discussions between all mastermind members & Suzanne as often as you need. One of the BIGGEST assets of this program, just you wait & see!
  • Weekly customized Accountability with Suzanne to create¬†Mindset & Strategy actions from for deep integration & transformation (delivered at the beginning of each week).
  • Access to SOW - Seasonal Planning Workshop LIVE with Suzanne¬†run at the beginning of each quarter for goal setting & embodiment, action planning.
  • Workbooks, templates & resource library for all program materials.
  • Numbers are very limited so we have a small intimate group for personalized attention, support and accountability.¬†
  • Phoenix Rising is an ongoing program, but investment and initial commitment to the Accelerator is a 3 month minimum. Alumni have the option to renew for future rounds of the Accelerator, or graduate to SOAR (the PR Alumni program).

✦ Investment Tiers ✦

Phoenix Rising Accelerator


Payment plans or PIF

  • 3 x 1:1, 50 min calls with Suzanne (value $1665)
  • Group¬†Voice channel¬†for connecting, discussion, celebrating, brainstorming, collaborating. (value $600)
  • Weekly customized Mindset & Strategy Actions (value $750)
  • Access to SOW - Seasonal Planning Workshop run quarterly (value $111)
  • Workbooks, templates, resource library ($555)
  • VIP pricing for¬†future rounds of the Accelerator (value $466)

SOAR - Phoenix Rising Alumni

from $222/month

Payment plans below

  • Group Voice channel for connecting, discussion, celebrating, brainstorming, collaborating (value $600)
  • Access to SOW - Seasonal Planning Workshop run quarterly (value $111)
  • Workbooks, templates, resource library ($555)
  • VIP pricing for¬†future rounds of the Accelerator (value $466)

ūüĒ• Add in Monthly 1:1 calls in SOAR = $555/mo

ūüĒ• Add in Quarterly 1:1 calls in SOAR = $333/mo

Yes, I'd love to learn more! Book a call here.

What clients are saying...

‚ú¶ Meet your coach ‚ú¶

Alignment means everything to me. Let me tell you why.

I‚Äôve reset my own path countless times, by asking myself the simple question: ‚Äėdoes this align with ME? With my purpose, my dreams, my goals?‚Äô

…From 11 years of high flying corporate life as an advertising executive, working my way up to managing director…

…To owner of my own retail concept store in Melbourne. Wearing all the hats and founding a loved, respected and award-winning brand…

…Tapping into my creative passions and building a secure future for my family through our property renovations…

…Following my instincts and putting in the work to become a qualified Life-first Business Mentor...

…And eventually making the move to the South of France that had been our family vision for 16 years, embodying my own definition of freedom (because everyone’s is different!).

So you see, the road wasn’t straight.


But at each turn my compass was my vision and I was in charge of creating the roadmap.

Along the way I handcrafted a treasure trove of tools to learn how to truly savour my life, while I ran my businesses & kept optimising my strategies so they served me and supported the life I truly desired. 

Now as a coach, I bring my 20+ years of business, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, and my philosophy of living first, to help other women look at work and life through a whole new easeful lens.

And this is where the Phoenix Rising concept sparked from ‚Äď that we need to understand where and who we‚Äôve been, in order to rise up and¬†become the women we‚Äôre truly meant to be.

I’ve helped dozens of founders, small business owners and creative entrepreneurs rise up to greet the best versions of themselves, get back to their own joys, passions and definitions of freedom. And watched them unlock true happiness and fulfilment in both their personal lives and careers.

I’d love you to be next.

‚ú¶ Client Results ‚ú¶

My clients have had unbelievable wins in their own unique sectors & niches:

Jessica Sandow - Client Testimonial


Suzanne has been there every step of the way as I align my mission and voice to develop a strategy that led me to launch my first group program, design a membership program and soft launch a podcast. The most beneficial part of this partnership has been and continues to be how she helps me connect with my softness and my feminine energy.

Taren White - Client Testimonial


Suzanne's magic is coming alongside me and guiding me with her expertise, tools and strategies and best of all...her clarity. She is the Goddess of Clarity! I'm a creative and everything seems like a great idea. Having Suzanne's sharp focus on my end goal has saved me time and energy, which has been put in the right direction. This has created the greatest success in my business to date.

Katrina Myers

Thank you so much to you! You've been instrumental in getting me to the next level. Believing in me and supporting me and challenging me. So grateful!!

Sophie Jones

Suzanne has been incredible to work with! I hired her feeling lost and not sure who my ideal client could be. After a few months together, I am completly booked out in my 1:1 program and have a waitlist! Also I now consistently hit $10K months. 

Ok,¬†it's time for¬†the next step! Read on ‚§ĶÔłŹ

You're ready to soar and expand to new heights!

In order to make sure everyone who joins Phoenix Rising is the right fit AND that the program is suited for you, you simply need to jump on a call with Suzanne which you can do by clicking the button below. 

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