Why alignment is everything as you RISE in business!

alignment business growth dreams healing Aug 08, 2023

When we first arrived in France in 2017, I had space to think and reflect for the first time in a long time. I started journalling and getting all the thoughts swirling in my mind down onto paper. 

I remember making a list of things I wanted to do now that I had time. I also added a list of ways I wanted to be and things I wanted to stop doing, so as to bring intention to what needed 'fixing' in me.

​​​​As the years passed and I dove deep into my personal development journey, I pulled back so many layers to 'fix' and heal what was ailing me. Except, as I healed my relationship with many parts of my past, what I never fixed was me.

You see, I never needed fixing. I was exactly who I needed to be, I had all of the beautiful elements of what I needed to become who I wanted to be. Nothing more was needed. Nothing less.

As I guide entrepreneurs in becoming the best versions of themselves and helping them rise to make their biggest dreams come true, I see a lot of this 'fixing' culture. Except, nothing in you needs fixing at all. All you need is space and guidance to become

Becoming who you want to become in your life is not about becoming someone different. It's about coming back to who you've always been. βœ¨

When I help mentor women through this expansive journey, and start to weave the vision for their business in, they start to discover what is true alignment.

It's from this place of alignment, that the magic starts to happen. ​

✨ When aligned, your gifts start to shine.
✨ Your truths are more easily shared.
✨ Your leadership illuminate and your voice gets louder.
✨ You start to play bigger and you start to rise. πŸš€

I'm super excited to announce that I have a beautiful opportunity for the woman who is ready to rise up and is ready to transform herself and her business.
πŸ”₯ For the woman who is ready to share her gifts & truths even louder than she has up to now.
​πŸ”₯ For the woman who wants to grow her net worth without sacrificing herself.
πŸ”₯ For the woman who is ready to rise up to meet the woman she has always been. ​
πŸ”₯For the woman is is ready to SOAR.
​You can also read all about Phoenix Rising here to see if it sounds like it's for you and when the next round is opening. ​