Why women need to start investing & creating wealth now with Janine Rogan

This week, Suzanne is joined by Janine Rogan, to dive deep into the world of investing and wealth creation. Janine is a Certified Practising Accountant, TEDx speaker, best-selling author of “The Pink Tax” and founder of “The Wealth Building Academy.

Inside the episode, Janine discusses the barriers that often hinder people from taking the plunge into investing and sheds light on the financial disparities that exist between those who invest in the stock market and those who opt for a high-interest savings account, uncovering a staggering difference of over a million dollars.

Janine Rogan's expertise extends beyond the conventional financial landscape as she unpacks the concept of the "pink tax" and its profound implications for women managing their finances. Janine also generously shares her top three wealth creation tips, offering listeners actionable advice to kickstart their financial journey and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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